Welcome To Yourself!

Welcome to my blog, it's great that you are here to so we can connect. Connect to what you may ask?
To each other, to the universe, to our potential- not just as individuals, but as a species.

Have a look around, I know you will find what you see to be both illuminating and inspiring.

As you look around you will notice many enjoyable and innovative experiences await you!

Thank you for stopping by! I look forward to seeing you again and again.

Daily Inspiration #140

It is not enough to act, you must act correctly. Plan. Think things through. Imagine all the possibilities. Do this first to increase the chance of correct action.

Daily Inspiration #139

Start making your tomorrow by paying attention to your today. Do this always and you will always be in the correct place at the correct time.

Daily Inspiration #138

An object at rest remains at rest. A moving object tends to keep moving. Go do something-anything! Get the gears moving and then tune them.

Daily Inspiration #137

"Should've" As soon as you say these words you can be sure your dreams are toast.

Daily Inspiration #136

How can you know what you do not know? You can, however, know that you do not know. That is worth something.

Daily Inspiration #135

All too often we make excuses for our actions when we should be offering reasons for our behavior. Think about the difference.

Daily Inspiration #134

Every pump must be primed. Every muscle exercised. To think that one can just sit and wait for something is folly. Go make your life.