Welcome To Yourself!

Welcome to my blog, it's great that you are here to so we can connect. Connect to what you may ask?
To each other, to the universe, to our potential- not just as individuals, but as a species.

Have a look around, I know you will find what you see to be both illuminating and inspiring.

As you look around you will notice many enjoyable and innovative experiences await you!

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Daily Inspiration #286

If you are not your fault,
whose fault would you like to be?

Daily Inspiration #285

Accepting things as they are is the first step to growth.
Admitting things need to change is the second step. 
Failing at changing things is the third step.
A minor success is the fourth step, if the way is kept.
That is sadly, the only way to change.

Daily Inspiration #284

If you fish everyday you will not catch a fish everyday.
Does that mean you should give up fishing?

Daily Inspiration #283

Confusing thoughts with reality 
is the same as living in a deluded wall of whimsy and fantasy. 
That is to say, it is insane at worst and counterproductive at best.

Daily Inspiration #282

You cannot give yourself to pointless busy work
and hope to accomplish anything with a point.

Daily Inspiration #281

You do more than live your life.
You also create it.
What are you creating? Why are you creating?

Daily Inspiration #280

Erroneous expectations are the 
number one cause of 
evolutionary mishaps.
Don’t pretend to know what you have not learned.

Daily Inspiration #279

Only when being who you are hurts will growth be possible.
It is not easy to evolve. 
It is no wonder the work is avoided until it cannot be.

Daily Inspiration #278

Action for the sake of acting is to be avoided. 
If you cannot improve the situation, wait until you can.

Daily Inspiration #277

Be able to respond as opposed to just reacting
is the first step to becoming yourself.