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Welcome to my blog, it's great that you are here to so we can connect. Connect to what you may ask?
To each other, to the universe, to our potential- not just as individuals, but as a species.

Have a look around, I know you will find what you see to be both illuminating and inspiring.

As you look around you will notice many enjoyable and innovative experiences await you!

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Daily Inspiration #250

At the end of the day, it is yourself to blame for how you feel, think, and act. Others cannot make you do things, they can only do things to you.

Daily Inspiration #249

Be clear of mind and sure of hand and success will come in due time.

Daily Inspiration #248

Why not make it easy on yourself for once? Work with who you are now, not who you think you should be now.

Daily Inspiration #247

There are enough variables in your life without you being one of them.

How To Solve All Of Your Troubles

What You Have Been Waiting For (Wisdom)
Many of you are poor or lack the necessary money to pay for basic needs. Until now, this has meant that you were denied the professional help of psychologists, psychiatrists, and life coaches.
I am here to tell you that this is not the case any longer.
I am going to bestow upon you a secret that big mental health doesn't want you to have. The secret is this:

You do not need fancy, expensive, well-educated people to help you solve your problems.
You only need the ability to imagine what a fancy, expensive, well-educated person would say to you in order to help you solve your problems.
Yes, you have heard what I first wrote and you have later read.
Every single mental health profession, mine included, is unneeded. You can solve your own problems with this one simple trick:

The One Simple Trick That Will Solve All Your Problems
Instead of visiting a psychologist, a psychiatrist, or a life-coach, you simply imagine that you have visited a psychologis…

Daily Inspiration #245

Learn to count on yourself, especially if others are counting on you.

Daily Inspiration #244

Admitting reality is what it is is not a judgement, it is a perception.