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Daily Inspiration #48

The world around us exists independent of our thoughts, feelings, and opinions of it.
We do not define our surroundings with our feelings, we merely interpret it through them.
Try not to mix them up.

Daily Inspiration #46

I do not mean actual snakes. I am talking about wrong thoughts.
What goes on in your head all day? Dismiss the thoughts that attempt to hold you back.

Daily Inspiration #45

Go easy on your mother. Bringing you into this world has warped her mind beyond repair. Ask your father should you doubt me.

Daily Inspiration #44

Did you put yourself where you are on purpose? Or are you here because you have settled?

It is never to late to take a step away from who you are and towards who you are meant to be.

Daily Inspiration #43

We may not be able to decide what happens to us, but we can decide how we react.
Stop. Think. Act.

Daily Inspiration #42

The web of personal responsibility stretches into every nook and cranny of your life.
You are your fault. That means you can change just about whatever you would like to change...or not.
Many things are up to you.

Daily Inspiration #41

If you want to be the best you, you need to pay attention to how you talk, think, act, and feel. There is no coupon for paying attention.

Daily Inspiration #40

Watch your thoughts. 
Know you are your worst enemy and make peace between you two.

Daily Inspiration #39

Let every failure teach you. Let every disappointment encourage you. 
Let every setback be a stone on your path to success.
You are not failing, you are learning.

Daily Inspiration #38

Knowing what the problems is is only the first step to fixing it. Many of us are happy with just a diagnosis and not interested in changing the situation.
It is not enough to know. You must do something.

Daily Inspiration #37

A person's environment goes a long way towards defining their reality. The thoughts, actions, and motives of others influence us, even if we are not aware of it. These are the things that we put into ourselves every day.
There is something else that defines our reality- our thoughts. Are you grumbling in your head all day about what is wrong?  Then what is wrong is all you will see. Pay attention to your thoughts.

Daily Inspiration #33

It is often better to stop and reassess a situation rather then to continue to try and fail.
Do not think just about what you are doing, think about why you are doing.

Daily Inspiration #32

Whatever it is that you are doing, whatever it is that you want, you must be consistent in your efforts.
Work towards your goals everyday, a little at a time and you will surprise yourself with your progress and accomplishments.
Do not wait to be inspired, do something every day.

Daily Inspiration #30

Allow the world to be what it is and you will find yourself wanting for nothing.
Force the world to be as you see it and you will never find success.

Daily Inspiration #29

If you ask for help, be ready to put in your share of the work.
There is a difference between being ready to be helped and wanting someone else to do all your work for you.

Daily Inspiration #28

Thoughts, words, and actions must be in alignment if you are to accomplish your desires.
Wishing is not work, it gets nothing done.
Work for your dreams, do not wish for them.

Daily Inspiration #27

It is not wise to think you know what to expect.
The Universe is swimming with things that are unknown.
Try to witness this unfolding without interfering with it.

Daily Inspiration #26

Change can be scary. Not many people enjoy the unknown.
Not changing is the same as not growing.
We are here to grow, to become more than what we are.
The old must be left behind.

Daily Inspiration #25

Over trying does not make you more successful.
Over doing does not win contests.
Yearning for understanding will prevent it from happening.
You must let go and let it happen.

Daily Inspiration #24

Many people hold themselves to such a high esteem that those around them seem unworthy.
This is a surefire way to become lonely.
It is often wise to reconsider those people and things that we think we are too good for.

Daily Inspiration #23

If what you are doing is not working, then why are you doing it?
Why are you making things worse for yourself?
Try something new, different.

Daily Inspiration #22

Do not underestimate the importance of realizing this:
Many of your problems are nothing but variations on selfishness and self-pity.
The velvet traps of self-pity and selfishness will bog you down with fear and make true living impossible

Daily Inspiration #21

If trying were enough, that would​ be enough. It isn't though is it?

Daily Inspiration #20

Email me to discuss what is wrong​ with you. We will work it out.

Daily Inspiration #19

What do you deserve? Why do you think you deserve? Redefine your definitions for what you think life owes you.

Daily Inspiration #18

Do not be angry at your parents. They did their best. Let's just admit you could not have done better.