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Daily Inspiration #74

Everyone is familiar with feeling unworthy. Feeling unworthy is vastly different than being unworthy. 
You are not unworthy.

Daily Inspiration #73

I am here to assist you in your journey. My consultations can take place over the phone, video chat or email. 
Contact me. I am here.

Daily Inspiration #72

Knowing what we are not often comes before knowing what we are. The slow process of finding out what we are not, leads us to ourselves.

Daily Inspiration #71

Whatever the reason, I hope it was worth it.

Daily Inspiration #70

Dreams are idle thoughts. 
Goals are accomplished through planning and action, not idle navel gazing.

Daily Inspiration #69

Think twice. Act once. Take all the time you need.

Daily Inspiration #68

Have you done all you can to change things? If not, why would you assume invisible assistance?

Daily Inspiration #67

A faulty plan leads to a faulty result. Always double check your plans.

Do not make the mistake of thinking you are special enough to make avoidable mistakes and still succeed.

Daily Inspiration #66

Parents aren't the only factor involved in your maturation, only so much blame can be put on others.

It's best not to our parents as villains or heroes but to allow see them as people.

Daily Inspiration #65

It is always a bad idea to base the future on the successes of the past.  The future is based on present actions, not memories.

Daily Inspiration #64

Everyone has a unique set of issues and troubles to deal with. Try not to get caught up in playing "My pain is greater than your pain". It just keeps you small. There is no dignity in celebrating your deficiencies.

Daily Inspiration #63

If you are not sure you are correct, check again before acting. 
It is better to take extra time to make sure you are right.  It will save you time later.

Daily Inspiration #62

If is better to fail and learn something than not try at all. What seems hidden and obscured early on will become clear with time and second nature with experience.

Daily Inspiration #61

Sitting around waiting for inspiration, divine or otherwise, is a surefire way to never get anything done. 
The Universe supports doers, if you want help- start doing, and the help will appear.

Daily Inspiration #60

Evolution is hard work. It often hurts. You have decided it is your path.  Do not be too proud, every should gets its chance.

Daily Inspiration #59

Growing pains are normal. Give into the changes that happen in your life.
The discomfort of growing is temporary, but the gains of evolution are lasting.

Daily Inspiration #58

It is the job of worry to appear as large and important as possible. Do not feed your worries, do not nurture your insecurities. Place your attention on where you are. Be where you are. Do what you are doing.

Daily Inspiration #57

A religion will tell you where you came from, why you are here, and where you are going. This is not the best case for some.
A coach will offer advice based on their experience. They will attempt to guide you without molding you into something that is not yourself.
The choice is clear, but up to you.

Daily Inspiration #56

What invisible influences surround you?
We are shaped by many, many forces, not all of which are obvious.

Daily Inspiration #55

Take stock of your thoughts. 
How many are about improbable events? 
How many about past mistakes? How many are about a future that never arrives?
Try not to take on more worries. The ones you have are enough.

Daily Inspiration #54

Evolution and self improvement are not always pleasant processes.
Many times on our journey, we will encounter parts of ourselves that we do not like. 
This is normal. Do not worry or feel shame.

Daily Inspiration #53

Have you become angry at a friend for being late?
How punctual are you?
Ever get annoyed when a buddy talks too much?
Do you watch your words?
Friends are often mirrors of ourselves.

Daily Inspiration #52

Self abuse takes many forms. Changing self-destructive behavior is difficult but possible.
If you can see how you are the source of most of your troubles, that is just another way of seeing how you hold the answer to resolving those same troubles.

Daily Inspiration #51

The lizard man is not real. He is a symbol of the fear that we all carry around.
Discard his words, spit them out. Do not allow them to take root in your mind.
You can rise above them.

Daily Inspiration #50

Chances are, you've done nothing to deserve the way you treat yourself. Take some time to pay attention to how you talk to yourself. Would you let anyone else be so cruel to you?

Daily Inspiration #49

Intuition can be a tricky thing.
It should be trusted. It is also wise to get a second opinion.