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Daily Inspiration #214

There are many parts of yourself that, for some reason, are trying to hurt you. Keep that in mind.

Daily Inspiration #213

Have you realized that you are your fault yet? If you only realize one thing, that should be the thing.

Hugo Holmesnw Interview

I was interviewed for the Saturday Evening Ghost Podcast, which for some reason is called "Wizard on Whizzin' Sound Only Edition" and not the "Saturday Evening Ghost Podcast". 
Anyway, I'm sure you will be inspired to hear my voice say my thoughts. 

Top Five Things You Can Do Instead Of What You Have Been Doing In Order To Fix Your Love Life.

Top Five Things You Can Do Instead Of What You Have Been Doing In Order To Fix Your Love Life. 1. Consume More Mushrooms
2. Make An Ultraviolet Adult Your Next Lover
3. Lower Your Standards
4. Higher Your Standards
5. Realize That You Are Not The Only Person In The World

Did you want explanations? Did you think I forgot them? I did not. I was playing a trick on you in order to segue into the bonus tip, which is:

6. Don't Act Crazy

Now, the list again. This time with the explanations and extrapolations that you have been craving because they have been denied you until now.

1. Consume More Mushrooms I went over this last time. The amazing benefits of this fungi reach far beyond simple sleep enhancement. Eating at least your weight in mushrooms every day has been scienctasticly proven to increase your attractiveness and vigor- two things everyone looks for in a potential lover. Skipping this tip will severely decrease the effectiveness of the next tips.

2. Make An Ultraviolet Adult Your Next Lo…

Daily Inspiration #212

Many of us act incorrectly with a frighting frequency.

Daily Inspiration #211

What we accept is what we get. What we allow ourselves to focus on is what we become. Who and what we surround ourselves with are as important as what we think.

Daily Inspiration #210

The most common and powerful of truths are often the most ignored.

Daily Inspiration #209

Nothing will last forever. The biggest bag will dwindle with reckless dipping.

Daily Inspiration #208

It is easy to confuse knowing with doing but it is not so easy to undo the damage caused by confusing the two in the first place.

Daily Inspiration #207

Much of your time and effort is dedicated to maintaining illusions that do you no good.

Daily Inspiration #206

When all else fails and hope is nowhere to be seen, be quiet. In the stillness, there will be an answer.

Daily Inspiration #205

You are just observing the world around you, not managing it.

Daily Inspiration #204

It is best to confront our unwanted parts on our own terms before circumstances conspire to rub our nose in them for us.

Daily Inspiration #203

Looking before leaping is a good policy, but thinking before looking is a better one.

Daily Inspiration #202

It is highly unlikely that your thoughts are being monitored as often as you think they are. It's your head, fill it with your thoughts.

Daily Inspiration #201

If you cover your wounds and set aside your advantages, what are you then?

Daily Inspiration #200

Everything in this world is a dance between opposites.

Daily Inspiration #199

No matter what happens or where you find yourself, there is something worthwhile in it.

Daily Inspiration #198

You are a universe. Try visiting all your planets.

Daily Inspiration #197

Sometimes staying quiet makes life easier.