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How To Solve All Of Your Troubles

What You Have Been Waiting For (Wisdom)
Many of you are poor or lack the necessary money to pay for basic needs. Until now, this has meant that you were denied the professional help of psychologists, psychiatrists, and life coaches.
I am here to tell you that this is not the case any longer.
I am going to bestow upon you a secret that big mental health doesn't want you to have. The secret is this:

You do not need fancy, expensive, well-educated people to help you solve your problems.
You only need the ability to imagine what a fancy, expensive, well-educated person would say to you in order to help you solve your problems.
Yes, you have heard what I first wrote and you have later read.
Every single mental health profession, mine included, is unneeded. You can solve your own problems with this one simple trick:

The One Simple Trick That Will Solve All Your Problems
Instead of visiting a psychologist, a psychiatrist, or a life-coach, you simply imagine that you have visited a psychologis…

Daily Inspiration #245

Learn to count on yourself, especially if others are counting on you.

Daily Inspiration #244

Admitting reality is what it is is not a judgement, it is a perception.

Daily Inspiration #243

If you do not learn to know yourself then how will you know what to eat? And if you don't know what to eat, how can you expect to grow?

Daily Inspiration #242

Each of us is the product of what we actually do, not what we are capable of.

Daily Inspiration #241

Everything begins at the start, even you.

Daily Inspiration #239

If you are a mystery to yourself, become a detective.

Daily Inspiration #238

Untangling our opinions from the truth is often far more of a rig a ma role than it needs to be.

Daily Inspiration #235

Being aware of the limits of your awareness is the only way to get anything done.

Daily Inspiration #232

To say that we are often our own worst enemey is an understanment at the very least.

Daily Inspiration #231

A broken tool is of no value to anyone or anything.

Daily Inspiration #230

Many people fear to own the contents of their minds, for best results do not be among them.

Daily Inspiration #229

It is always wise to adhere to only the best policies.

Daily Inspiration #228

You cannot hide from yourself. You may be able to run from yourself for a while. but you will always catch yourself running from yourself.

Daily Inspiration #227

Spinning one's wheels only drives you to madness.

Daily Inspiration #226

Only a mirror can answer the question "Who did this to me?"